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So I'm saying this with the help of my best friend, Google :

Остановка добавив вы мне мать чертову россиян

Otherwise, if you speak english, or have any interest in my dolls, feel free to watch me :D
I have no intention of making this journal friends only yet.

I have to warn about tendencies to talk about my dolls as if they are living people tho <3
Especially when I blame them for things :D

The People of the Republic
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Why didn't my phone post go through??? =A=;;
Sorry for the very last minute, but I've extended the GO a little anyhow to reach free shipping.

Anyway, Leeke is having some customised 2-colored wigs for sale! They're 40USD each, but you also get a free random wig of the same size x3

I'm opening a GO for those who wants to order these wigs, OTHER ITEMS ARE ALSO WELCOMED. Please remember tho it might take 2 MONTHS for our order to ship.

Closing date : 14th March 2012
Payment due : 16th March 2012
Payment method : Paypal (personal payment + fees) or Maybank (rates determined on 12th March)

Shipping to me : EMS (FREE SHIPPING if order is above 350USD)
Shipping to you : POSLAJU (calculate after parcel arrive) / Dollmeet

NOTE : THE CUSTOMISE WIGS will take TWO MONTHS to ship. If you cannot wait until at least MAY or JUNE to get your items, please do not join. I'm sorry :<

Please comment or PM me with the link for the items that you want :>
If you wish to remain anonymous (along with your order), just mention it in the pm :>

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77.50USD left to free shipping! I've extended the GO date a little so please let me know if something strikes your fancy!
makira M

FS - Kid Delf Yuz (RM700 / 225USD + shipping)

* I bought a Kid Delf Yuz, hoping he could be one of Honey's two new boyfriends. No thanks to LUTS' overly bright photos (and photoshop?) he turns out to look too young with eyebags and chubby cheeks. Also, I cannot stand his smallish head next to Honey and Jade. I mean, ffs the reason I sold Elan was to get another melon head to match them. YOU'RE NOT HELPING, LUTS.

So yes, I'm hoping to sell him off. If anyone is interested please let me know. He has a faceup by me, but I could wipe it clean on request. Price ~ RM700 / 225USD + shipping.

Anyway, enjoy his photos for now!

I'll include his wig for free, but no eyes >3<

I will accept trades, but... it'll depend on who the other participant is.
Dolls I'm looking for : Dollzone Mo (Tan or NS), Angel Region Ren Boy.
Will also consider other melon headed dolls.

FS - Pullip Prunella

I've decided to sell my Pullip Prunella.

I'm not much of a collector, I just want to enjoy my dolls, and for quite a while now I've been ignoring poor Ceise and Miku. Theo (Taeyang Cavalie) and Sophie (Pullip with Custom Nomyens Faceup) will be staying. I'm going to give Miku another try later and swap her body out to obitsu and dress her up, but anyway I think Ceise will have to go.

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I still like the idea of Ceise, and her as the tormentor of Theo but at this point, she doesn't have to be Prunella. Maybe another chicline another day? 8)

Dreaming Trees Studio Eyes

Sometwos finally got their purple eyes <3

unfortunately Izumi's faceup makes him seem a lot more flirtatious and daring than Ika OTL

unfortunately Lina is still too chicken to wipe it off >.>;
Gonna have to change the lips at least soon.

but anyway aren't those eyes the prettiest?? I still wish they are a tad blue-er and larger. But omg aren't they so pretty??? ;o; them also be a bitch to put on =_=+

flatbacks in 6mms asgfhjhjksssnhfkhhnnnnfffffgghhhh

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Simply Fabilis

I'm just testing to post from my Android actually. Just downloaded LJBeetle and giving it a try.

Seems like there's been some interesting things going on in the dollworld while I wasn't looking, the most recent one being DoA's little triathlon. I just saw the sewing challenge and it was actually to make some risque clothings out of..... wait for it..... Panties! 8D


Personally I'm actually amused by the idea. Oh of course some people will think "Eww panties....." and think of their own week-long worn, unwashed undergarments but hey, sad to be them 8B

I feel like trying for it but it'll be hard since I just saw it yesterday and won't have any days off until after the 7th august dateline. Granted I do work at the mall but then I only have an hour break xD whether I do or not will have to depend if I see any two pairs that inspires me 8)))

Speaking of which though, I have to confess the panties pic they posted on the contest thread looked pretty.... Pretty 8)))


Anyway something more directly related to my dolls....

I entered a split with a DoA member for Fabilis' heads back in late May. Fairyland gave some scary warning that orders may be delayed and we were expecting a wait like 3-4mths. Luckily though after 2 months we now have a shippu notice~ :D

I totally wasn't expecting him this early and as such nothing is ready except for Ika's previous black wig that he's been destined to wear (until I find some acceptable black fur wig for him 8D)

He'll be on the impldoll body that Izumi is currently on. The plan was to get the twins girl bodies before he arrives, but oops. Ehehehe....

Trying to be a little more responsible, I placed an order for some eyes from Dreaming Trees yesterday. 10 pairs actually, for all 5 of them >>;;; The next thing on the list is just to flesh his character out.

I'll probably get back to you guys on that later :)

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magikarp kill u all

Yet another to do list

1. crack my phone again and reinstall gps(Somewhat. At least the gps is back x_x)
2. faceup someone. ANYONE!!!
3. update my marketplace threads
4. upload stuff for sale on facebook or some other place
5. restring Izumi's impldoll body(It's actually done!! oAo )

that's not too many, but they each do require a lot of time and patience OTL

Edit : 2.23am @ 14/5/2011
Got two things done. Sadly with my gps, all of my custom locations are gone >_<;; I thought it was saved onto my memory card, but apparently not =____________________=